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Jasen, David A.
N.p: Archon Books, 1970. Frontispiece portrait.
[Book #45594]
Price: $40.00
Johnston, Carol.
Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1987. Illustrated.
[Book #45602]
Price: $40.00
[Johnson, Samuel and BOSWELL, James]. Bookseller's Catalogue
London: Bernard Quaritch, 1999. Illustrated.
[Book #40981]
Price: $40.00
[Audubon, John James].
New York: Christie's, 2005. Illustrated.
[Book #25137]
Price: $40.00
kunitz, Stanley J., Editor. Haycraft, Howard, associate editor.
New York: The H.W. Wilson Company, (1975). Illustrated.
[Book #29228]
Price: $40.00
Witners, Yvor.
Norfolk, Connecticut: New Directions, (1943).
[Book #32765]
Price: $40.00
[Wyeth, N. C.]. DeVictor, Richard P. With an intriduction by Douglas Allen, Jr.
Trenton, New Jersey: Richard P. DeVictor, 1975. Illustrated.
[Book #34021]
Price: $40.00
[LONDON, Jack]. WALKER, Dale L., Compiler. Research and editing by James E. Sisson III.
El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1972. Illustrated.
[Book #34518]
Price: $40.00
LEWIS, C.T. Courtney.
London: Sampson Low, Marston and Company. Circa, 1920-24. Frontispiece portrait of the author.
[Book #1069]
Price: $35.00
RUBER, Peter, et al.
New York City: The Candlelight Press, Inc., 1968. Illustrated .
[Book #3000]
Price: $35.00
EVANS, Peter A.
(San Francisco: California Historical Society, 1971).
[Book #7967]
Price: $35.00
BOWER, Donale E.
N.p: Northland Press, (1976). Illustrated.
[Book #8103]
Price: $35.00
BENDER, J. Terry, Compiler. Prefaces by Julien Cain and E. Brin.
San Francisco: Stanford University Libraries, 1956.
[Book #16504]
Price: $35.00
[Wise, Thomas James]. Partington, Wilfred.
New York: Cooper Square Publishers, 1973. Frontispiece portrait.
[Book #19754]
Price: $35.00


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