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Introduction by Cecil K. Byrd.
Bloomington: The Lilly Library, 1966. Illustrated.
[Book #45385]
Price: $10.00
allen, Albert H. Foreword by Thomas Streeter.
New York: R.R. Bowker, 1947.
[Book #45413]
Price: $10.00
[Book #40850]
Price: $10.00
[Alger, Horatio]. Gardner, Ralph D.
Mendota, Illinois: Wayside Press, 1971. Illustrated.
[Book #40857]
Price: $10.00
Powell, J. H.
Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, (1957). Illustrated.
[Book #45466]
Price: $10.00
[Dreiser, Theodore]. Atkinson, Hugh C.
N. p.: Kent State University Press, (1971).
[Book #40911]
Price: $10.00
[Ibsen, Henrik]. Reynolds, Jonathan and Lisa.
New York: Dramatis Personae Booksellers, (1991).
[Book #40944]
Price: $10.00
[Hudson, William Henry]. Wilson, G. F.
Port Washington, New York: Kennikat Press, (1968). Illustrated.
[Book #40948]
Price: $10.00
U. S. History]
Washington: National Archives Publications, 1969. Profusely illustrated.
[Book #45551]
Price: $10.00
Gilcher, Edwin.
Dekalb, Illinois: Northern Illinois University Press, (1970). Frontispiece portrait.
[Book #45564]
Price: $10.00
London: Bertram Rota Limited, 1987. Illustrated.
[Book #45574]
Price: $10.00
Starr, William Thomas.
Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 1950.
[Book #45575]
Price: $10.00
white, William.
Kent: Kent State University Press, (1975). Illustrated.
[Book #45591]
Price: $10.00
[Sinclair, Upton]. Gottesman, Ronald and SILET, Charles L. P.
N. p.: Ohio State University Press, (1972). Illustrated.
[Book #41009]
Price: $10.00
[Stevenson, Robert Louis].
St. Helena, California: Silverado Museum, 1969.
[Book #41029]
Price: $10.00


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