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[California, Nevada]
N.p: Hardesty & Co, 1876.
[Book #25000]
Price: $75.00
[Book #25312]
Price: $75.00
Barry, T. A. Patten, B. A.
San Francisco: A. L. Bancroft & Company, 1873.
[Book #26450]
Price: $75.00
Clark, George T.
Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 1931. Illustrated.
[Book #26475]
Price: $75.00
[Edwards, Philip Leget].
San Francisco: Grabhorn Press, 1932.
[Book #26494]
Price: $75.00
WATSON, Douglas S., Editor. Introduction by Charles L. Camp.
San Francisco: Grabhorn Press, 1933. Illustrated with colored drawings by Arvilla Parker.
[Book #26597]
Price: $75.00
beach, Joseph Perkins. Edited and annotated by James P. Delgado.
San Francisco: Book Club of California, 1986. Illustrated with eight plates (two folding out) including two maps and a facsimile of a page of the log.
[Book #26651]
Price: $75.00
[Book #29177]
Price: $75.00
Berkeley: Howell-North, 1965. Illustrated by Fred Blackburn Rogers.
[Book #29988]
Price: $75.00
Los Angeles: The Westernlore Press, 1961. Illustrated with photographs by Harold O. Weight.
[Book #30020]
Price: $75.00
[San Bernadino, San Diego]Introduction by Harry W. Lawton.
Riverside: Riverside Museum Press, 1965. Illustrated with many full page plates, numerous views and maps.
[Book #30136]
Price: $75.00
Mariposa, Cal.: Saturday Morning, March 18 and Saturday Morning, April 22, 1876. Illustrated.
[Book #30802]
Price: $75.00
Introduced by Oscar Lewis.
San Francisco: Book Club of California, 1962, 1987.
[Book #30808]
Price: $75.00
[Tarakanoff, Vassili Petrovitch]. petroff, Ivan, Translator. Written down by Ivan Shishkin, Translated from the Russian by Ivan Petroff, with Notes by Arthur Woodward.
Los Angeles: Glen Dawson, 1953. Illustrated.
[Book #55403]
Price: $75.00
[Book #31199]
Price: $75.00


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