Natural History

Audubon, John James.
New York: J. J. Audbon, 86 White Street. Philadelphia: J. B. Chevalier, 72 Dock Street, 1839. llustrated with 24 full page lithographs, with tissue guards. Printed and coloured by J. T. Bowen. There are five plates in each part, except part 3: plate 11, 10 [sic], 14, and 15.
[Book #30762]
Price: $10,000.00
Drury, Dru. J.[ohn] O[badiah]. Westwood, editor (1805-1893).
London: Henry G. Bohn, 1837. Profusely illustrated with 150 hand coloured plates (all present).
[Book #34089]
Price: $5,750.00
Moore, Thomas. Edited by John Lindley.
London: Bradbury & Evans, 1855. Illustrated with 51 full page plates executed in the "Nature-Print" manner, hand coloured with tissue guards, complete.
[Book #30325]
Price: $4,000.00
Goethe, J. W. von.
Gotha: Carl Wilhelm Ettinger, 1790.
[Book #30320]
Price: $3,000.00
Martin, Ned and Jody. With contributions by James Gorton and Danny Neill.
Nicasio, California: Hawk Hill Press, 1998. Illustrated with photographs by Ned Martin.
[Book #32983]
Price: $1,750.00
[Taplin, William].
London: Printed and published for the proprietors, by J. Cundee, Ivy Lane, Paternoster-Rpw, 1803. Profusely illustrated with plates by John Scott after Reinagle and the wood engraved vignettes by Thomas Bewisk.
[Book #28167]
Price: $1,000.00
Castelnau, Francis de. Murs, des M. O.
Paris: P. Bertrand, 1855. Illustrated with 20 lithographed plates in colour.
[Book #34111]
Price: $550.00
Miner, Harriet Stewart.
Boston: Lee and Shepard Publishers, 1885. With 24 full page colour plates, all present.
[Book #32958]
Price: $500.00
Meisel, Max.
Brooklyn, New York: Premier Publishing, 1924.
[Book #41055]
Price: $350.00
[Allen, Doug]. O'CONNOR, Jack.
New York: Outdoor Life, (1977). Illustrated by Douglas Allen.
[Book #1664]
Price: $300.00
[Book #24858]
Price: $300.00
Seton, Ernest Thompson.
Los Angeles: Phoenix Press, 1945. Illustrated by the author.
[Book #30931]
Price: $275.00
RUE, Leonard Lee III.
New York: Harper & Row, (1973). Profusely illustrated by maps and photographs, as well as by paintings by Douglas Allen, Jr.
[Book #1357]
Price: $200.00
BRADLEY, Cuthbert.
London: George Routledge and Sons, 1914. Profusely illustrated, coloured frontispiece.
[Book #5529]
Price: $200.00
Compiled and edited by Casey A. Wood.
London: Oxford University Press, 1931. Frontispiece illustration.
[Book #45197]
Price: $200.00


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