Santa Barbara

[Santa Barbara]
Santa Barbara: The Easton Gallery, (1996). Profusely illustrated in colour.
[Book #32221]
Price: $60.00
San Francisco: John Howell-Books, 1971. Illustrated with reproductions of Borein's etchings.
[Book #34340]
Price: $60.00
San Francisco: The San Francisco News Company, n.d. Illustrated with 28 views, accordion style.
[Book #31037]
Price: $50.00
[Borg, Carl Oscar].
Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Historical Society, 1965. Illustrated.
[Book #29633]
Price: $45.00
cullimore, Clarence.
Santa Barbara, California: Santa Barbara Book Publishing Company, (1948). Illustrated by the author.
[Book #31335]
Price: $37.50
Gouverneur Morrison.
Santa Barbara: J. F. Rowny Press, 1932. Illustrated by Charles Sindelar and George Keen.
[Book #34729]
Price: $35.00
Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Historical Society, 1965 - 1986. Illustrated.
[Book #29635]
Price: $30.00
New York: Henry Holt, (1996).
[Book #7843]
Price: $25.00
Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Historical Society, November, 1972. Illustrated with photographs and drawings.
[Book #23804]
Price: $25.00
Fernald, Charles. Wth an introduction by Cameron Rogers; Rogers was the grandson of Fermald by his daughter Beatrice.
Glendale, California: The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1954. Illustrated.
[Book #24791]
Price: $25.00
hawley, Walter A.
Santa Barbara, California: (The Schauer Printing Studio), 1920. Illustrated, frontispiece drawing of Santa Barbara Mission in 1880 from a drawing by Henry Chapman Ford.
[Book #26520]
Price: $25.00
[Santa Barbara]Rocque, G. A. La.
Washington, D.C.: United States Government Printing Office, 1950. Illustrated with numerous charts and maps, with seven folding maps in rear pocket.
[Book #29945]
Price: $25.00
STORKE, Thomas M. In collaboration with Walker A. Tompkins. Foreword by Chief Justice Earl Warren.
Los Angeles: Westernlore Press, 1958. Illustrated.
[Book #31956]
Price: $25.00
[Borein, Edward].
Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Historical Museum, 2007. Illustrated with photographs.
[Book #32216]
Price: $25.00
Huse, Charles Enoch. Price, Francis, Translator.
Santa Barbara, California: Santa Barbara Historical Society, 1977. Illustrated, frontispiece portrait of the author.
[Book #33460]
Price: $25.00


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