Typed letter, signed "Edward" to Emil Ludwig

WINDSOR, Duke of. and [EDWARD VIII, King of Great Britain and Ireland].
Cap d'Antibes: 21st April, 1939.
Signed "Edward" in black ink.
Approximately 9-1/2 x 7-1/5 inches, onion skin letterhead with Order of the Garter emblem upper left and "La Cröe/Cap d'Antibes/ A.M." upper right. Two holes punched in left margin, vertical creasemark, else fine.

Edward VIII (1894-1972) succeeded his father George V in January 1936 and reigned for eleven months, until he abdicated in December 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee.
The letter is addressed to Emil Ludwig who was writing a book A New Holy Alliance referring to the brothers Edward, Duke of Windsor and his brother, King George VI who has succeeded him on his abdication. He first acknowledges receiving the first 83 pages of the manuscript, translated into English with a few corrections in pencil. "I have ruled out two paragraphs on p. 49, the two paragraphs on p. 50, and the first paragraph on p. 51 for besides being both fictitious and incorrect, this is the only occasion up to where I have read the MS. that you have gone astray in your comparison of two borthers, and I advise that it should be omitted.. I need not stress the vital importance in connection with the book, that you regard our meetings, and the fact that you are showing me all tht you have written for correction before it is published, as very confidential. The Duchess and I look forward to seeing you upon you return to Europe."
Together with: Typewritten letter, signed, 2 pp. dated London, Apr. 11, 1939, of Walter Monchton about the same book and regretting that he is so very busy that he cannot possibly comment, but he writes "I see from my glance through this first chapter that both the Royal brothers are treated in a friendly way. My regret is that publication should be made in serial form in a newspaper in America during the time of the King's visit, for I should have thought that there was a real danger that to set them side by side in such circumstances so as to invite comparison might be misunderstood and even resented" .

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