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[KRAUS, H. P.].
New York: H. P. Kraus, 1953 - 2003. Illustrated.
Octavo and quarto, original, som pictorial wrappers, some coloured. Fine.

No Year Title________________________________
20 History of Science & Medicine. Illustrated Books Mostly of the XVth and XVIth Centuries
64 1953-4 Source Materials for the Study of European History and Culture from the Prince Liechtenstein Library
117 Mediaeval and Renaissance Manuscripts. (separate price list included)
123 One Hundred and Eighty Rare Books & Manuscripts. Including Many Fine Bindings
145 Books About Books from the Library of the Late A.N. L. Munby, Cambridge and from Other Sources.
1971 A Science MiscellanyFrom the 16th to the 20th Century
146 1976 A Collection of American Constitutions. States, Territories, South America. (separate price list included)
151 1978 Bibliography. Part One: Books about Books and Manuscripts, History of Printing, Bookbinding, etc. Part Two: Library, Auction and Booksellers' Catalogues
155 1980 Science. Manuscripts Autographs Documents form the 13th to the 19th centuries
157 1980 Documents & Autographs Relating to England, Scotland and Ireland
158 1980 Continental Books from the 16th & 17th Centuries
160 1981 Americana
161 A Selection of Printed Books
162 1982 Bibliography. I: General Bibliography, Book Collecting, Book Trade, Manuscripts & Illumination, Library Science. II: Typography. III: Catalogues: Sale, Dealers, Private
163 1982 Illustrated Books and Fine Bindings
164 Science including Astrology, Astronomy, Geography, Incunabula, Instruments, Mathematics, Medicine, Natural History, Navigation, Physics, Technology, and other fields.
166 1983 The Arts: Art, Architecture, Archeology, Festivities, Music, Drama, Film
167 1984 The Seventeenth Century. Continental printed Books in Various Fields, History, Theology, Law, Politics, Jesuitica, Judaica & Hebraica, Genealogy, Classics etc. Together with a Selection of German Illustrated Broadsides
168 1984 The History of Science including Navigation. A First Selection of Books from the Library of Harrison D. Horblit
169 The History of Science, including Navigation. A Further Selection of Boosk, 1641 -1700 from the Library of Harrison D. Horblit
170 1985 The Sixteenth Century. A Selection of Printed Books in Various Fields of the Humanities including at least one title from each year of the century
171 1985 The History of Science including Navigation. Another selection from the Library of Harrison D. Horblit
174 1986 Varia. Mostly Recent Acquisitions in Several Different Fields
175 1987 Bibliography
176 Boks and Documents of the Sixteenth Century
177 1987 Europe in the Seventeenth Century
178 1988 Voyages, Travels & Ancillary Sciences
179 1988 Illustration. Books and Manuscripts from the Fifteenth to the Twentieth Century illustrated
180 1988 Miscellanea: Americana, Art & Architecture, Bibliography, Bindings, Classics, Economics, England, France, Games, Germany, History, Illustrated Books, Italy, Philosophy, Photography, Poland and Russia, Political Science, Spain, Theology, Typography
181 1989 Recent Acquisitions
182 Incunabula. Works from Ninety-Eight Presses in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain & England, Arranged in Proctor Order. (separate price list included)
183 A collection of 16th, 17th, and 18th century books about religion, military exercises, sciences and literature
184 1990 From Trithemius to Proctor. Bibliography and Reference Books before 1900. Part I of the Private Library of Hans P. Kraus
186 1991 Science including Medicine and the Occult
187 1991 Bibliography and Reference Books after 1900. Part II of the Private Library of Hans P. Kraus
189 1992 Part I: Classics and Humanism. Part II: Annotated Books & Manuscripts
190 1992 Catalogus Catalogorum (Predominatly Post-1900_ Part III of the Private Library of Hans P. Kraus (With a Supplement to Parts I and II)
191 Rare Books and Manuscripts. Part I: Middle Ages. Part II: Reformation and Counter-Reformation. Part III: 17th and 18th Centuries
192 Science. Agriculture, Astrology, Astronomy, Chronology, Instruments, Mathematics, Medicine including Gunecology, Military Science, Natural History, Nautica, Optics, Physics, Technology
193 1993 Sixty Fine & Rare Books & Manuscripts
195 Recent Acquisitions in a Wide Variety of Fields Including Art & Architecture, Natural History, Geography & Maps, Illustrated Books including French 20th century Humanism, Classics, Italy, Music, Judaica, Military Science, Ireland, Emblems, England, Low Countries, Law
196 Spain, Portugal and their Overseas Empires
197 1994 New Arrivals in a Wide Variety of Fields Including Archeology, Bibliography, Classics, English History & Literature, Illustrated Books, Numismatics, Italian History & Literature, Medicine, Stenography, Natural History, Reformation, Women
198 The Low Countries. Books and Manuscripts Relating to or Originating in Holland and Belgium
199 Law, Diplomacy, Poltical Science, Economics, Politics
201 Education & Rhetoric. I: Reading, Writing & Speaking. II: Rhetoric, Orations & the Epistolary Art. III: General Education including Children's Books. IV: Technical Manuals. V: Dictionaries & Study Aids. VI: Diplomas & School Prizes
202 1996 European Literature. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavia, Classical
203 1996 New Arrivals. Africa, Americana to Costume to Literature to Papacy to Philology to Marriage to Bee-keeping to Spain to Women
204 Italy. A Selection of Books, Manuscripts, and Documents from Six Centuries Comprising Works by Italian Authors and Printers in Any Language, Italian Art and Architecture, Fete Books, History of Medicine And Science, Humanism, Literature, etc.
205 From Soul to Psyche. Books on the Soul, Senses, Emotions & Behavior
206 1997 The Greek Book. An Exhibition of Greek Printing & the Book Arts from the 15th to the 20th Centuries. (separate price list included)
207 Eleven Subjects. Almanachs, Calendars, &* Prognostications. Balneology, Climatology & Oceanography. The British Isles. Children's Books & Paedagogy. Gardening & Husbandry. Geography & Travel. Illustrated Books. Incunabula. North America. Science: Natural History & Medicine. Typography
208 Performing Arts. Books on Music, Dance, Theatre, & Festivities
209 1998 Incunabula. (separate price list included)
210 Greece and Rome. Part I: Classical Texts. Part II: Commentary, History & Bibliography
211 War and Revolution, Rebellion and Treason. 15th – 20th centuries
212 Holiday Miscellany. Art, Architecture & Archeology. Bibles & Prayer-boks. Children's Books. Gastronomy. Geography & Travel. Illustrated Books. Incunabula. Medicine. Music. Natural History. Press Books.
213 Illustrated Books. From the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century.
214 France. History, Literature, Law, Science, Printing, Illustration, Travel, Autographs, Theology, Photography
215 Science. Books, Manuscripts & Autographs in Various Scientific Fields
216 Varia. Architecture & Archeology. Bibliography. Fables & Folk-Tales. Horses & Hunting. Ireland. Judaica & Hebraica. Law. Manuscripts & Documents. Philosophy. Press Books. Theology
217 Varia II. Aldine Press. Bibliography. Bodoni Press. Classics. Economics. Festivities & Fireworks. Gastronomy. Germany & Switzerland. Humanism. Spain & Portugal. Sports & Games
218 Illustration. Illustrated Books from Six Centuries Together with Some Prints and Drawings (15th-20th century)
219 Antiquarian (pre-1900_Bibliography. Catalogues: Auction, Institutional & Private Library. Bookbinding Reference
220 Italia. Books, Manuscripts & Autographs Relating to Its Art, History, Literature, Philosophy, Music, Printing, Science, etc.
222 The Sixteenth Century. Books, Manuscripts, Documents, and Autographs including at least one item for each year of the Century
223 England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. Books, Manuscripts, and Documents Relating to, or Printed in those Regions
2003 The Celebrated Reference Library of H. P. Kraus. Sotheby auction catalogue.
2003 The Inventory of H. P. Kraus. Sotheby auction catalogue
1980 Catalogue of Books from H. P. Kraus at the 9th I.L.A.B International Antiquarian Book Fair

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