A collection of 21 songs in sheet music by Paul Delmet

DELMET, Paul, Music by.
Paris: Leon Grus, and others, 1896 - 1928. Illustrated with vignettes and photographs, and some covers with full page drawings.
Small folio, half red smooth calf lettered in gilt, over red cloth, patterned endpapers. Spine with some wear, cloth a bit unevenly faded and with circular stain.

Le Petits Paves. Poesie de Maurice Vaucaire. Leon GrusStance á Manon. Poesie de Maurice Boukay. Henri GreghLettre á Ninon. Paroles de Henri Maigrot. Enoch et CieLe Vieux Mendiant. Poesie de Henri Barnard. Henri GreghChanson de Paul Delmet. Au Menestrel. (Serenade Triste; Petit Chagrin;)á Chloris. Poesie de Leon duRocher. Enoch et Cie, 1896Marinette. Poesie de Gaston A. Guerin. Enoch et Cie, 1897Fermons Nos Rideaux. Poesie de Maurice Boukay. Enoch et CieQuand Nous Serons Vieux! Poesie de Th. Botrel. Enoch & Cie, 1896Le Reve. Poesie de P. E. Girard. Musique de Alfredo Barbirolli. E. GalletEnvoi des Fleurs. Poesie de Henri Barnard. Enoch & Cie, 1898Vous etes Jolie! Poesie de Leon Sues. Enoch & CieLe Vieux Mendiant. Poesie de Henri Barnard. Henri GreghFanfreluches. Poesie de Louis Forest. Enoch et CieMelancolie. Poeside de Armand Silvestre. Enoch et CieLes Mamans. Poesie de Th. Botrel. Henri GreghLettre á Ninon. Poesie de Henri Maigrot. Enoch & CieVous Souvient-il? Paroles de O. Pradels. L. Grus et CieLes Deux Tulips. Paroles de Maurice Boukay. Henri GreghLe Petit Navire. Poesie de Henri Barnard. Henri GreghAlso “Paul Delmet” by Jean-Pascal, with photograph portraitPaul Delmet (1862-1904) was the composer of many famous songs of the “Belle Epoque”, and had his debut at the Chat Noir. He became a leader in romantic songs of the era.

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