A Collection of approximately 43 Bookseller Catalogues on Architecture

London, New York, other : George C. Wood, Bertram Rota, Sotheran et al, 1966 - c. 2005.
Octavo and quarto, most pictorial wrappers, some in colour. Generally fine.

Catalogues from:

Geoffrey Steele of Pennsylvania (10 stapled lists)

illustrated, some in colour, bound catalogues:

Sotheran's of London
Weinreb of London (both catalogues and "Weinreb's Architectural Books")
Hugh Pagan of Richmond, UK
Marlborough Rare Books of London
Bertram Rota of London
Harvard College Library
Argosy Books of New York
Lucien Goldschmidt of New York
Charles B. Wood III of New York (about 12).

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