Ho for California. The Faulkner Letters 1875 - 1876

OUTLAND, Charles F.
N.p: Privately Printed, 1964. Frontispiece portrait.
First edition. One of 150 copies.
Quarto, original light blue cloth lettered in gilt. Fine.

'""These letters have been compiled and edited primarily for you [grandchildren of George and Roda Faulkner], the theory being that only grandchildren can fully appreciate their grandparents. .. The question may arise: 'Of what historical value are letters such as these?' There is nothing unique, to be sure, in the experiences encountered by your grandparents on their Westward trek. Nor are their emotions and deepseated hopes and dreams, so intimately revealed herein, anything other than dead-center norm. It is in this very normalcy that any historical significance will be found. ..
These then, are not merely the letters of George and Roda Faulkner, 1875 -1876. They are in essence the recorded hopes and dreams of that generation of Americans living in the era when the Westward Migration was building up a full head of steam. .."" from the Preface.

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