Qur'an. Arabic manuscript on paper

Persia: Qajar period, c., 1830.
360 ff. (two blank), 15 lines of elegant black naskh text to the page. Entirely by the hand of one scribe .
Approximately 188 x 110 mms (c. 7.5 x 4.5 inches); text panel c. 137 x 80 mms, elaborate lacquer painting of birds and flowers on boards, burgundy morocco spine. Inside covers with red background and elaborate gilt scroll work, also in lacquer painting. Covers with some wear, paintings with craquelure and some loss of pigmentation, spine a little rubbed. Endpapers slightly rubbed and front one with a split. Last two leaves with old skillful repairs to margins. Only very occasional smudging of the text, a couple of leaves with some damp stains. Overall very nice, crisp and bright.

With a special prayer at end, with elaborately decorated heading illuminated in gilt on blue background.

Sura headings on gilt ground in white script, flanked by decorative flower motifs in blue and red, with gold roundel verse markers. Floral and decorative illuminated marginal medallions, catchwords in black and pronounciation markers in red. Text panels outlined with thick gold, minor black and red rules, margin and then another gold rule.

Three bifolio ""carpet"" leaves beautifully decorated with flower motifs on gilt and blue backgrounds in burgundy, pink, white, shades of orange and red, as well as black and white. The center bifolio contains the Isra' wal-Mirai verses.

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