Archive of documents, ephemera, drawings related to Walter Dickins and W. W. Dodge Co

DICKINS, Walter. and DODGE, W. W.
San Francisco: c. 1855 -, 1870.
Various sizes, written in brown ink on cream paper, original pencil drawings on cream or tan paper, printed pages. Generally fine.

1 Handwritten and/or xeroxed list of dates relating to Walter Dickens 4pps.

2 14 printed pages (excerpted) stating Asbury Dickens claim in the Court of Claims - No. 30. 1855
6 page printed brief on behalf of Petioner: Asbury Dickens
7 page printed ""Some remarks on the adverse report of the Committee of Claims .. in favor of the claim of Asbury Dickens. (2 copies). Asbury Dickens (1780-1861) was a United States government official who served as Secretary of the U.S. Senate from 1836 until shortly before his death in 1861.

3 5 pps handwritten ""Statement in relation to the claim of Asbury Dickins, Secretary of the Seante, and of Thomas W. Dickens .."" n. d. At end is added in pencil ""S. Francisco, Feb. 24, '72, the above was written several years ago & now I will add, that a few days before I left Washn to come to Cal. my father sent me with a note to seaton urging the payment of his claim for services in the ""Sate Papers"" matter, and that peymt was promised.""

4 Handwritten letter in brown ink, dated January 20th, addressed to ""Dear Tom"" 4pps with envelopeaddressed to Thomas, W. Dickens in San Franciso, with cancelled stamp ""Wash.. 20 / 21 / C.C."" and three cent stamp.

5 Handwriten bill ""Messrs Gales & Seaton / To Thos. W. Dickens, Dr."" showing a balance outstandingof $362.50.

6 Printed excerpt of ""Heirs of Asbury Dickens"" a bill, H. R. No 1508, ""for the relief of the heirs of Asbury Dickens.

7 Drawing on paper ""W. W. Dodge & Co."" for letter head? Advertising? at the bottom doodling in ink and graffite. W. W. Dodge & Co. were importers and wholesale grocers and N.W. corner of Front and Clay Streets in San Francisco.

8 Five drawings for W. W. Dodge & Co. -advertising material, three for whiskey, one for the Wholesale Grocers, and one simply an elaborate initial ""D"". Very well executed.

9 Seven drawings on cream or tan paper, one signed W. Dickens Mar. 10th, 1867. One is a portrait of a man, perhaps a self portrait?

10 Printed note paper for W. W. Dodge & Co.

11 Printed advertising card for Dickins-Hobart Lumber Co. in San Francisco

12 Honorable Discharge form the National Guard for Walter Dickins dated 9th September, 1879.

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