California. Catalogue 50. The Library of Jennie Crocker Henderson

San Francisco: John Howell Books, 1979-1980.
Five volumes, complete.
Octavo, original printed paper wrappers. Fine.

A comprehensive collection of California history, literature, fine printing and limited editions. Priced and annotated. By all odds the finest bookseller’s catalogue on the subject and a useful reference tool.“The library of Jennie Crocker Henderson (1887-1974) is the last of the great collections of Californiana to come on the market. A granddaughter of Charles Crocker, who was one of the celebrated “Big Four”, and the sister of Templeton Crocker, who founded the California Historical Society, Jennie Crocker naturally developed a strong interest in California history and culture in general, and in the history of the Central Pacific Railroad in particular. ...She acquired material both at auction and from the most prestigious American rare book dealers of the time: Dr. A. S. W. Rosenbach, George D. Smith, and Edward Eberstadt in New York, and John Howell in San Francisco. At the same time Jennie Crocker was actively collecting Californiana, her brother Templetion was busily doing the same. A friendly rivalry developed between brother and sister, as they found themselves frequently bidding against each other for particularly choice California items....Jennie Crocker emerged victorious from the Anderson Galleries in New York on November 8, 1920, with a book described in the auction catalogue as “the rarest and most valuable California item extant.” One of the highlights of her collection, and perhaps the most important California book, this was, of course, the famous ‘Manifiesto’ of the Mexican Governor Jose Figueroa, printed by California’s first printer Augustin Zamorano in Monterey in 1835. Aside from its importance as the first book printed in California, the copy acquired by Jennie Crocker had been the personal copy of Juan Alvarado, the Mexican Governor of California from 1836 to 1842 and had leter belonged to Monsignor Alemany, the first Roman Catholic Bishop of California. Templeton Crocker was the underbidder! ...The scope and the depth of this superb collection cannot be over-emphasized. In addition tot he Gold Rush journals and Bret Harte material already mentioned, the collection is strong in nearly every area of California interest. From the earliest European voyages of exploration to the emergence of the Golden State as an integral component of the modern American political and economic system, virtually every subject area of imporance is covered” - Warren R. Howell, 1979.

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