Western Americana

James, Will.
New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1933. Profusely illustrated in color and black and white by the author.
[Book #33402]
Price: $500.00
[Book #26498]
Price: $225.00
New York: June 28, 1856.
[Book #8715]
Price: $175.00
THOM, Adam.
London: Smith, Elder and Co., 1844.
[Book #10869]
Price: $165.00
BOOSEY, W. Collinson, R.E.
London: Ackermann & Co, 1851. Black and white print.
[Book #8569]
Price: $100.00
MEYER, Carl. Translated from the German edition of 1852 by Ruth Frey Axe.
Claremont: Saunders Studio Press, 1938. Illustrated with large folding map.
[Book #8141]
Price: $90.00
Jerome, Arizona: Nov 2, 1905. Black print on cream paper.
[Book #8701]
Price: $75.00
ROSS, Blake.
San Francisco: Paul Elder and Company, 1930.
[Book #13054]
Price: $75.00
[Book #31255]
Price: $75.00
Coman, Katharine.
New York: Macmillan, 1912. Illustrated.
[Book #24798]
Price: $65.00
N.p: 28th September, 1915. Brown and black print on cream paper, three engraved vignettes.
[Book #8700]
Price: $60.00
[DOUGAL, William H.]. Edited by Frank M. Stanger, Foreword by Joseph A. Sullivan.
Oakland: Biobooks, 1949. Profusely illustrated.
[Book #13031]
Price: $60.00
NEWELL, Robert. Edited, with notes and introduction by Dorothy O. Johansen.
(Portland): Champoeg Press, 1959. With frontispiece and two maps.
[Book #14718]
Price: $60.00
Oakland: DeWitt & Snelling, 1913. Illustrated with frontispiece portrait of the author.
[Book #8431]
Price: $50.00
Paris: Journal Universel, 1871. One page with two hand coloured engravings.
[Book #8709]
Price: $50.00


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