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Ben Shahn.

Blind Botanist.

Blind Botanist lithograph by Ben Shahn

C. C. Henderson.

Set of five Coaching Scenes: Fores’s Coaching Recollections.

English coaching scenes

Carl Oscar Borg.

Su-Pe-La, Hopi Patriarch

Carl Oscar Borg: Su-Pe-La, Hopi Patriarch

Carl Oscar Borg.

Hopi Patriarch (Su-pe-la)

Su-pe-la, Hopi Patriarch by Carl Oscar Borg

Cornelis Botke.

Fish Wharf, Morro Bay.

Cornelis Botke etching of Fish Wharf, Morro Bay

Don Perceval.

Indian Encampment Scene

Edward Borein.

Cowboy on horse back.

pen and ink sketch of cowboy on horseback by Edward Borein

Edward Borein.

Ride 'Im Cowboy.

Bucking horse etching by Edward Borein

Harold Demont Olsen.

Red Rock County, Utah.

Marian Hebert.

Evening Prayer, Mission Santa Barbara.

Evening prayer, Mission Santa Barbara, etching by Marian Hebert


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